EMF Sensitivity

Do you experience symptoms when exposed to power lines, television sets, computers, cell phones, Smart meters, Wifi, and antennas?The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is one of the few clinics in the world which recognizes and treats Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity. We are a world leader in the research, study, and treatment of the effect of electromagnetic fields on patients. Treatments which occur in this setting provide high rates of success. If you are experiencing symptoms of EMF sensitivity contact the experts in the field and the leaders in the treatment of EMF sensitivityIf you are interested If you are interested in treatment, please contact the Center at 214-368-4132.

Pulsed radiation ‘smart’ meters have been associated with thousands of adverse health effects and complaints from all over North America, such as heart palpitations, arrhythmias, sleep disturbance,  pacemaker (and other wireless medical device) disruption, worsening of cancer and other existing health problems, headaches, tinnitus, hearing problems, neurological symptoms, and bloody nose. The ‘smart’ meter ‘mesh network’ is not safe for any of us, including children, the elderly, and those with compromised health.